Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello again.

I just popped in to do a quick update.
The baby mice have gotten bigger and stronger. This is a photo of them when we were cleaning their cage.

And the cat keeps coming over to sleep on the chairs now its winter...

I made the hamsters a little feast to celebrate the beginning of winter.

I also painted another of my neopets and got them all backgrounds:
just painted:

New backgrounds:

Well anyway, Thats all for tonight. :D
I'll update the layout next time I update :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn to Winter

Hey again. Sorry I hadn't updated for a while. I had a lot of neopets graphics and real life stuff to do like stock wood and attempt to make the new bed in my room with Thomas. We got one of those high beds with the work space under it. Our cleaning lady (Isabelle) gave it to us. She's so kind. She couldn't have sold it anyway because they changed the bed a bit to fit the room it was in. It's perfect for us though :D

The bed looks like this kinda:

My hamsters have started to hibernate so I only see them once a day or so. Its getting really cold here, Gracie's fur isn't falling out as easily as it does in the summer and Iris keeps running everywhere to keep warm :P
This is what the garden looked like when I last updated:

And this is what it looks like now:

The leaves fell from the trees in about two days when the temperature dropped.

Anyway, I want to finally update my other blog's layout so I'll have to end here :/
I will post in about three days or so though :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random Update.

I hadn't updated my blog in a while for I was making a NeoVision Halloween contest entry for NeoPets. You can see in on my blog. (If it loads :P)

You'll all be happy to hear that Thompson is back! He came back a couple Days before Isis (Iris's mother) came over again. We though Thompson might leave again but he didn't :D
I'm happy about that.

This morning while I was waking up, the odd bird who we normally only see in the spring came and crashed into the window again. I'm convinced that the birds' song is a burst of laughter and that they tap on the window for our funny re-action to the sudden noise. There are more then one of them. They come in a group of about five or six to stay safe. It's extremely weird :D

It's my birthday in 2 days and 25 minutes! (yay) I can't wait. My mom was teasing me by saying: "someone you don't expect will be getting you something really great" and "There might have been a package in the mail today..." Its so annoying but very funny :D

Mari's mouse had seven babies, but I just found out today that the mother and one of the seven babies died D:
It's so horrible!
But the babies are old enough to eat by themselves thankfully. I think the mother died after she knew her babies could look after themselves... She was an old mouse anyway :(
So now I have to keep checking back on the babies. Their cage is in front of the fire so they're warm... They have each others' body heat anyway...

That's all I have time for for today I'm afraid. I have to update my other blog now :)

Post again soon!
But if you're busy I'll understand.