Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jenna's new blog

Dear pet timez readers,

I (Jenna) have a new blog! It is called u to u. To get on it go to I know that vidoes is spelled wrong but I cannot change it. This blog is to be visited when you are bored or just want to see funny videos. There are recommended videos and videos I posted on there. Enjoy my blog if you can. Now back to the Pet Timez! Hope you and your pets have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jenna Sessum

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello again.

I just popped in to do a quick update.
The baby mice have gotten bigger and stronger. This is a photo of them when we were cleaning their cage.

And the cat keeps coming over to sleep on the chairs now its winter...

I made the hamsters a little feast to celebrate the beginning of winter.

I also painted another of my neopets and got them all backgrounds:
just painted:

New backgrounds:

Well anyway, Thats all for tonight. :D
I'll update the layout next time I update :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn to Winter

Hey again. Sorry I hadn't updated for a while. I had a lot of neopets graphics and real life stuff to do like stock wood and attempt to make the new bed in my room with Thomas. We got one of those high beds with the work space under it. Our cleaning lady (Isabelle) gave it to us. She's so kind. She couldn't have sold it anyway because they changed the bed a bit to fit the room it was in. It's perfect for us though :D

The bed looks like this kinda:

My hamsters have started to hibernate so I only see them once a day or so. Its getting really cold here, Gracie's fur isn't falling out as easily as it does in the summer and Iris keeps running everywhere to keep warm :P
This is what the garden looked like when I last updated:

And this is what it looks like now:

The leaves fell from the trees in about two days when the temperature dropped.

Anyway, I want to finally update my other blog's layout so I'll have to end here :/
I will post in about three days or so though :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random Update.

I hadn't updated my blog in a while for I was making a NeoVision Halloween contest entry for NeoPets. You can see in on my blog. (If it loads :P)

You'll all be happy to hear that Thompson is back! He came back a couple Days before Isis (Iris's mother) came over again. We though Thompson might leave again but he didn't :D
I'm happy about that.

This morning while I was waking up, the odd bird who we normally only see in the spring came and crashed into the window again. I'm convinced that the birds' song is a burst of laughter and that they tap on the window for our funny re-action to the sudden noise. There are more then one of them. They come in a group of about five or six to stay safe. It's extremely weird :D

It's my birthday in 2 days and 25 minutes! (yay) I can't wait. My mom was teasing me by saying: "someone you don't expect will be getting you something really great" and "There might have been a package in the mail today..." Its so annoying but very funny :D

Mari's mouse had seven babies, but I just found out today that the mother and one of the seven babies died D:
It's so horrible!
But the babies are old enough to eat by themselves thankfully. I think the mother died after she knew her babies could look after themselves... She was an old mouse anyway :(
So now I have to keep checking back on the babies. Their cage is in front of the fire so they're warm... They have each others' body heat anyway...

That's all I have time for for today I'm afraid. I have to update my other blog now :)

Post again soon!
But if you're busy I'll understand.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


We've had a lot of animals at our house over the last two weeks so I'm going to write a post on the ones we have taken photos of :D

We found this toad randomly in the garden. He/she posed for a couple of photos then I released him/her in the garden. (After letting him/her swim in the tiny pool we haven't bothered to empty yet :P)

This is a picture of Gracie digging a hole in the garden. She took over digging when she saw how much fun Iris was having. :D

This is a picture of Iris watching Gracie dig. We're still not sure what they were digging for but the hole is now twice that size and they're still digging... Thomas isn't pleased. :D :P

This is a picture of both my hamster cages combined. I needed two cages when Fatty was here. One cage was too small for three hamsters. :)

This is a picture of a mouse or musaraigne or mole baby we found in the garage. Iris had barked at him/her and he/she hid in the nearest hiding place. A dustbin lid handle. :P

This is a picture of a giant spider :) It's small compared to others we've seen, but it's still pretty big.

Well that's all for now. I'll be updating again soon :D

Monday, October 15, 2007


I didn't mean to sign out of gmail while we were talking D: I can't sign back in because its my mom's account! Shes busy at the moment.... Sorry...

I want to correct myself on the crying baby post. My mom told (Or rather, reminded) me that what they did was: they'd give the kid a lollypop or some candy, then before the kid ate it they would take it away from them, and take a photo while the kid cried. You can see it here:

Just so you don't think Jill is mean photographer :P
Making kids cry is often easy.

funny talking parrot

This talking parrot is very smart. I wish I had a pet bird. I would teach it to talk like this one.

Stranger in the Hood

Today when I was walking my dog Bando, halfway up the street I saw on the other side of the road a strange man. He was dressed in black. I never saw him before. I am home sick today, so it is day time and no one else was around.

We hid behind a mailbox. Bando just laid there, as lazy as can be. Nice watch dog! I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and I called my mom. I told her who I saw. She told me to quietly come home.

So me and Bando ran and the guy never noticed. I got home safe but locked all the doors anyways.

Sometimes cell phones can protect you better than your dog!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jill Greenberg.

There's this photographer named Jill Greenberg who does some really cute photos of animals. She's so great I decided to make this whole post about her photography.
She has a really cool site called The Manipulator so please have a look at it. These are some of her monkey pictures:

They are actually real monkeys. She's brilliant if you ask me.

She also did some work with crying children, which a lot of people found Cruel.

Parents would take their kids to her studio and they would tell the kids that their parents had left them. Then they'd take photos of the kid crying. After that their parents would come back in and the kid would get a cookie or some candy.
I personally don't think that is that mean. I find this worse:

It's suppose to be art.
They put some jellyfish DNA in her so she'd glow. Which I find a LOT worse then making a kid cry.

Anyway, I got to get on with neopets stuff as usual. I'll post again soon :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fishies at The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a great place to go for a family time. It has whale sharks, beluga whales, spider crabs, sea horses, jelly fish, stingrays and more.

Here is the best part: You get to pet baby cow nose stingrays and southern stingrays. Some people are afraid of stingrays now because of what happened to Steve Erwin. But, their barbs (the stinging part) are clipped, so it is perfectly safe for you to pet them. Plus, they really don't attack unless they are threatened.

Also you get to pet baby hammer head sharks. The baby hammer heads are about seven inches big. They do not bite. All of them have been trained, so they won't attack visitors.

Here is a Spider Crab. They are SO WEIRD looking. They don't move as quickly as a real spider does. But they are really funny. Some of them just sit there all day.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The layout :D

Like the layout? It took me a good few hours but I'm finally done :D
Do you think I should change the background? please tell me if you want to change anything :)
I have to go to bed now. :P

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Autumn is here!

It's already starting to look like Autumn here in France :D It's my favourite time of the year so I'm really happy :P

That sounds dreadful about your cat D: My cat is trying to teach us a lesson for bringing other people's dogs home and is hiding in the woods. We've seen him though. And He's done this before so we know the drill.

Sorry I haven't posted over the last couple of days because (as usual) I have been doing NeoPets graphics. I also just started a new guild (A.K.A. Club) about talking with other members and playing games and stuff.
I'm also trying to save up some Neopoints to get a paint brush for one of my pets. A paint brush changes the colour of your pet. The one I'm aiming for will make my pet look like this:

They're so adorable :D

My little sister Mari took my dogs for a walk in the woods with my step-father and they found this rather odd conker shell that had 26 mini conkers in it! I took a picture of them because I find them pretty. :D

I took some pictures of my animals I haven't shown you before. Here they are:

this is Dookie. My older hamster, who was bought with my old hamster Potcha who sadly died :S But Dookie's still happy :D
and this is my little sisters' mouse. Fudge. She ran away for a couple of days then had babies weeks later. My little sister Mari let the baby mice free in the back of the garden (which really wasn't far enough) and they came back into the house and it was an invasion of mice. Now there's only one mouse in the house. We made humane mouse traps and let the mice we captured out into the forest. :D Mari had another mouse but she got a disease and sadly died :S

I actually saw the mouse we can't catch today. I was sitting on the couch with my two dogs Gracie and Iris and the mouse came running out from under one of the heaters into the middle of the room, then circled around a chair leg and ran away again. I think it was headed for my hamster cage in the other room to steal some food :P

Anyway I must go now. There are members of my guild waiting for me :D and I have to update my other blog.
I hope you're well. How have you been doing while I was gone?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Max (who lived for three years) in his younger days...

Max was a very talented hamster...

Soon I will write about my pets that are still alive!

the famous hunter john willis (who I don't have anymore)

This is Hunter, a feral cat we rescued from my Montessori school as a 3-week old kitten. Even though we tried, we could never tame him. One night he bit me in the neck and sent me to the hospital with a staph infection. He lives on a farm now!


Hey Jenna. Those videos you found of those cats and dogs were so cute! I love watching stuff like that :D

Yesterday I was feeding my hamsters (as usual :P) and suddenly, my youngest hamster Dakota, Turned around with her cheeks stuffed with more then half of the food I had just put down! Skinny (my older hamster) and I were astonished by Dakota's speed and determination. It was so funny I had to take a couple of photos of it and here they are: (refresh if they don't load)

Anyone reading this can find out more about my pets on My blog.

I also found these pictures around the internet:

This invention makes it so the hamster will always get its exercise and will stay warm.

The hamster is so cute :D

My oldest sister sent me this, its a hamster wheel pedometer that tells you how many miles your hamster runs :D

And this is a dog pedometer! So you can know in it needs a walk :D

Well I hope you enjoy reading and looking at all of this.
Theres just on more thing I want to show you. A video of
Fighting Giraffes!
This is really odd. I don't think they actually hurt each other, they just don't like each other :P

I'll post again tomorrow or the next day.
Thats all for now though. :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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