Thursday, October 18, 2007


We've had a lot of animals at our house over the last two weeks so I'm going to write a post on the ones we have taken photos of :D

We found this toad randomly in the garden. He/she posed for a couple of photos then I released him/her in the garden. (After letting him/her swim in the tiny pool we haven't bothered to empty yet :P)

This is a picture of Gracie digging a hole in the garden. She took over digging when she saw how much fun Iris was having. :D

This is a picture of Iris watching Gracie dig. We're still not sure what they were digging for but the hole is now twice that size and they're still digging... Thomas isn't pleased. :D :P

This is a picture of both my hamster cages combined. I needed two cages when Fatty was here. One cage was too small for three hamsters. :)

This is a picture of a mouse or musaraigne or mole baby we found in the garage. Iris had barked at him/her and he/she hid in the nearest hiding place. A dustbin lid handle. :P

This is a picture of a giant spider :) It's small compared to others we've seen, but it's still pretty big.

Well that's all for now. I'll be updating again soon :D

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madame said...

These are fantastic photos. You really are an "animal person" and seem to notice animals all the time. I have a lovely photo of you when you were younger with a lime green bug that stayed on your face and your head all day long. But you know all this and I could go on forever. You are working really hard and we are all proud of you and enjoy what you bring us. You are something Meadhbh Maonaigh! <3