Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random Update.

I hadn't updated my blog in a while for I was making a NeoVision Halloween contest entry for NeoPets. You can see in on my blog. (If it loads :P)

You'll all be happy to hear that Thompson is back! He came back a couple Days before Isis (Iris's mother) came over again. We though Thompson might leave again but he didn't :D
I'm happy about that.

This morning while I was waking up, the odd bird who we normally only see in the spring came and crashed into the window again. I'm convinced that the birds' song is a burst of laughter and that they tap on the window for our funny re-action to the sudden noise. There are more then one of them. They come in a group of about five or six to stay safe. It's extremely weird :D

It's my birthday in 2 days and 25 minutes! (yay) I can't wait. My mom was teasing me by saying: "someone you don't expect will be getting you something really great" and "There might have been a package in the mail today..." Its so annoying but very funny :D

Mari's mouse had seven babies, but I just found out today that the mother and one of the seven babies died D:
It's so horrible!
But the babies are old enough to eat by themselves thankfully. I think the mother died after she knew her babies could look after themselves... She was an old mouse anyway :(
So now I have to keep checking back on the babies. Their cage is in front of the fire so they're warm... They have each others' body heat anyway...

That's all I have time for for today I'm afraid. I have to update my other blog now :)

Post again soon!
But if you're busy I'll understand.

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Jenna Bean Cadence said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAEVE!!!!!!!! Are you 13? WOW!

Hope the baby mice are doing okay.